New Year's resolutions are not just for humans

New Year's resolutions are not just for humans

If your pet is overweight or obese, consider switching to an all-natural, farm-fresh raw pet food diet.

Don't forget about the furriest member of your household when goal-setting for 2022.  As we begin the new year and make promises to ourselves to do something different this year, it’s important to consider what changes can be implemented in your dog's life too. If your pet is overweight or obese, consider switching to all-natural, farm fresh raw pet food.

Just like us humans, nutrition is the number one contributing factor to overall health, quality of life, and life expectancy. According to Dr. Ernie Ward, Veterinary, Certified Vet Food Therapist, and founder of Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, “Obesity is the number one health threat pets face, and the most important pet health decision owners make each day is what and how much they feed.”

Unfortunately, the majority of pet food available on shelves are unhealthy, grain-heavy, and heavily processed. These heavily processed and grain heavy foods are the number one reason why 56% of dogs in the US are overweight or obese. While you may not think a few extra pounds on your pup is a big deal, even a few extra pounds can have a significantly detrimental effect on their life. Research and data from the Banfield Pet Hospital found that overweight and obese dogs live 19-25% shorter on average than dogs with a healthy weight. This equates to roughly two and a half years off their life. Switching your pup’s diet to natural, healthy, high-quality food is the best way to improve their quality of life and life expectancy. Here are some tips that will help you jumpstart the new year with some great nutrition habits for your pets.

Learn to read your pet food label

We are frequently advised to read the nutrition labels for everything we buy at the grocery store if we want to maintain a healthy weight and improve our nutrition. The same applies to pet food. Pet food labels are a little different than the nutrition labels we’re used to seeing. Pay attention to that ingredient list. Not all pet food that claims to be healthy for your dog is actually healthy. Be on the lookout for fillers and/or other additives. Not even all raw pet food brands are created equal. Some popular brands of raw pet food have more than 20 plus ingredients. Yikes! Raw Paw Life raw pet food contains less than five ingredients, with no additives or fillers and meat as the number one ingredient. 

Learn how much to feed your pet

One of the most common issues with pet weight can stem from overfeeding. The amount of food you should feed your pet is largely determined by their breed and their weight. Not sure how much raw pet food to give, use our Raw Feeding Calculator tool for baseline guidance. If you suspect your pet is overweight, but you are feeding the appropriate amount of your preferred pet food, consider seeking advice from your veterinarian. They are more likely to identify what’s going on with your pet specifically and make adjustments to their diet accordingly.  

So as we begin a new year and have another opportunity for a fresh start, include the furriest member of your household on the road to better health. Start off your dog’s 2022 right by feeding them fresh, healthy, high-quality food their bodies are designed to consume and watch your pup thrive!

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